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Women’s Weight Without Dieting is Down 75 Kg

If many women vying for the sake of an appetite suppressant, an ideal body, not for Teena Henson. Women from the United States managed to lose half her body weight without weight lossing furiously. Which he did, not a short path of weight loss such as taking slimming drugs or liposuction, but with diligent exercise and changing weight loss.

Initially, Teena weighing 162 kg is often asked to decrease the severity of the mother and the people closest to for health reasons. Various ways she does to make them happy. From only eat oranges until just carbs ever tried. But any weight loss that lived it never last long.

Women’s Weight Without Dieting is Down 75 Kg
Teena is Down 75 Kg

"For me the weight loss is another word for failure," he said Teena on CNN's website.

Teena was wishing if only Anytime Fitness (fitness facilities 24 hours) in the city. Maybe he can exercise at any time, rather than have to weight loss to lose weight. And when a local newspaper proclaiming anytime will be built there, the woman's 54-year-old felt like a sign. So spirits, he even has to register themselves from the far-away days when anytime still under construction.

"I have no desire to exercise. I continued determination to work out. I have to exercise principled, and I choose to exercise," was the mantra of the citizens of Texas when Anytime Fitness finally opened and after work each day he is exercising at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Sport this tight course coupled with a better weight loss. Interestingly, Teena still often eat at fast food restaurants. But the menu of fried chicken is substituted into the roast. Fries were changed to a salad. Previously, he also had to abstain from drinking soft drinks so successful in reducing its weight by 8 pounds in the first month.

After six months of running a healthier lifestyle, Teena's weight down to 30kg. In the process of this reduction in body weight, Teena's mother was the most meritorious. The mother always provides encouragement and motivation to keep promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Her weight continued to fall to 45 kg. Teena body condition also becomes healthier. However, the state of Teena inversely proportional to the mother's health condition. Mother Teena which long had been unwell, experiencing seizures and a mild stroke. In August 2012, Teena must be willing to let go of his mother.

"Two months before he died after I got home exercise, he said that I was beautiful. We began to cry. I do not know why, but it was a very precious moment," recalls Teena.

Women’s Weight Without Dieting is Down 75 Kg

He added, "I know he's proud of me. I know he felt I would be fine now because I'm losing weight."

Since her mother died, Teena increasingly keeping began eating a weight loss with quinoa (a type of rice), whole grain breads, and fresh vegetables. Within three years, he managed to lose a total of 75 kg of body weight, aka half. Doctors also often even use a picture as an example of people who are serious to lose weight by way of a healthy lifestyle.

How to weight loss in a month

Want to get the ideal body weight in a short time, does not mean you have to weight loss like crazy. Your body will not get adequate nutrition and your organs will work harder to continue to provide power. So, not many people got sick because of the weight loss.

Actually, a lot of ways that you can do to achieve your ideal weight healthily: changing lifestyle, weight loss, and regular exercise. Through these methods, you will also get the ideal body shape for very long. This method should not take long, really. Below are some effective ways to help you get the ideal body weight in one month!

How to weight loss in a month
weight loss in a month
1. Set up your food menu Alone

Stop the consumption of junk food and try to make your common menu itself. Do not worry if you cannot cook. On the internet are now widely available menus are healthy and easy for you to make yourself at home.

In addition to healthier and help you lose weight, cooking your own meals can also save your money. Do not forget to keep an eye on the ingredients you use to cook, order intake remains adequate and balanced nutrient While your target is to become more ideal in a month, you have to change your eating pattern with regular and gradual.

2. Reduce intake of meat

Intake partly replacing flesh with vegetables and vegetable protein source is one of the effective ways to lose weight quickly, but healthy and natural. Not that you should stop eating meat forever, you know. You only need to reduce some of the intake and increased servings of vegetables to replace it.

Reduce intake of meat also means reducing the intake of fat into the body. This will make your body healthier and lighter. Your skin will be shiny.

3. Sleeping Enough

Often stayed up late at night, may increase your appetite, you know. In 2009, all researchers from the University of California Los Angeles found a link between less sleep and increased levels of gherkin in the body during the day ahead. Ghrelin is a hormone that makes us feel hungry.

Maybe someday you'll find yourself eating with uncontrolled it. This of course can disrupt the process of your weight loss. One way to lose weight in one month is enough sleep. At bedtime it was the orgasm can work to absorb maximum nutrition and detoxification processes that can help your weight loss.

4. Do not Touch Alcohol and soft drinks

You sometimes too much attention to what you eat to forget that beverages you drink has also contributed to raise or lower your weight. In fact, such as alcohol and fizzy drinks can make you fat.

Ministry of Health found that the average UK gets 2000 kcal of consumption of alcoholic drinks per month. Alcohol does not have the fat content, but it can add to your body 7 calories per gram. Meanwhile, carbonated drinks like Coca Cola can add 245 calories per day into the body. So, if you want to get the ideal body weight in one month, say no to alcohol and carbonated drinks!

5. Avoid Eating Out

Most of the food in the restaurant has fat content and calories are very high. It can be derived from the number of the oil, sugar, and salt used for cooking. Fat and calories contained in the food is not so needed by the body and can threaten your health if consumed regularly.

Well, to get the ideal body weight in one month, avoid eating out. Cook healthy meals for yourself at home!

6. Sports with Routine

You do not need to do a sport that is so difficult and requires great effort to do so. You only need to do simple exercise movements at home or jogging for ± 30 minutes each day. Variations of these simple exercise movements you can find on the internet a lot.

Exercise and weight loss are the two things that complement each other. You have to do both with equal if you want to get maximum results. If you have not exercise for months and wondering how to start it again.

7. Say Goodbye in Sugar
Once you're committed to getting the ideal body weight within 1 month, you should really stop taking a sugar.Avoid using sugar in cooking, coffee, tea, and other beverages. At first it might seem difficult to do. But this is an effective way to help you lose weight.

8. Consumption of Fruits
Eat fruit instead of your snack. The fruit can cure your hunger with natural sugar content, and most importantly, this helps in losing weight.

 How to weight loss in a month

You can give the variation in fruit consumption to avoid boredom. In addition to cutting into pieces of fruit, you can also process them into a salad, juice, or variations snack.

Trying to lose weight with a healthy lifestyle will not make you under pressure. You can still eat as usual, but with better nutrition and balanced. The steps above are a natural way, healthy, and easy to get the ideal body weight within 1 month. For you who are want to weight loss, good luck!

10 Bad Behavior to Lose Weight

Bad mood because of the needle on the scale was also moved to the left? Perhaps because of this behavior still do. What is it?

1. Eat lots of salty foods
Not only fatty foods and sugary foods that you need to subtract, foods that contain lots of salt also needs to be muted. Besides can lead to hypertension, too much salt in the body making the body retained fluids. As a result, your weight Loss does not go down and down.
10 Bad Behavior to Lose Weight
2. Too insistent
The hormone cortical during stress will stimulate out of appetite, slow metabolism and increase fat accumulation in the abdomen. Relaxation, such as listening to music, laughing with my friends, yoga, massage, or a walk in the open air, can reduce stress. Do one of these activities at least 10 -15 minutes every day.

3. Often stay up
A study in the US states, lack of sleep will increase the hunger hormone and decreases satiety hormones. Another study added, people who sleep less than four hours a day had a 73% chance of suffering from obesity was higher than those who slept 7-9 hours per day.

4. Eat not at the dinner table
Eating while watching TV, reading a book, or typing on a computer makes you cannot enjoy the food. Finally, you are easily tempted to scavenge something delicious chew. Calories that enter the body were eventually difficult to control. In order for food to be enjoyed, try always eat at the dinner table.

5. Lack of movement
While working, you can be a bit of exercise, such as stretching your legs and arms. Crises-cross or swing-swing your arms and legs while sitting in a chair 2-5 minutes every hour interval. These activities can give you extra energy burning rather than just sitting neatly on a chair.

 10 Bad Behavior to Lose Weight

6. Still drinking alcohol
Alcohol slows down the body's metabolic process by pressing the central nervous system. Alcohol can also increase cortical, a stress hormone that helps the buildup of fat in the abdomen.

7. Avoid milk
Women who eat fat-free yogurt, cheese, or low fat milk 3-4 times a day able to drive 70% of her body fat. Calcium from milk acts as a switch that commands the body to burn excess fat. Drink a glass of fat-free milk at breakfast, a glass of low-fat yogurt during the day, and a glass of fat-free milk in the afternoon.

8. Break dieting
Experience proves, people who successfully lose weight are those that undergo the discipline of the program. Although there is a party to eat well, they are not tempted to say, "Never mind this day a good meal. Tomorrow starts a weight loss program 'agaim'. "Once you give a chance, it would be difficult to go back on a diet.

 10 Bad Behavior to Lose Weight

9. Tasters-tasters plus
No doubt, at the sight of people enjoying cheesecake or pudding drenched in chocolate sauce, you dripping saliva. Rather than constantly curious and fanciful, may, really, you taste it, as long as share with others. You just tasted a small bite, so curiosity paid off.

10. Panic, panic, panic!
Once the program has lived more than half way, normal when weight loss begins to slow down or even stalled. Doing the same exercises every day will make the body adapt to burning fat also becomes slower. If you've just walking, try swimming the next day, then ride a bicycle, then sit ups or push-ups, in order to easily burned calories back. (f)

The Solution of Weight Loss Problems

Weight loss problems faced by individuals of all age groups. At times it can be disappointing despite making tremendous efforts to control your weight. Being overweight can lead to major health problems, because it cannot be overemphasized how important it is to maintain proper weight.

Below mentioned explores five causes problems Weight followed by five theses solutions to problems.

The Solution of Weight Loss Problems
Weight Loss Problems

1) Emotional Eating problem-People usually use food to occupy themselves against negative emotions such as frustration, sadness or even guilt fatigue. This often triggers eating behavior is out of control and the type of food eaten over the results of weight problems. Food may be interference from a negative situation but it will not solve it.

2) Emotional Eating solutions deal with the source of negative emotions due to eating the way out is not going to solve the problem. Look no food related ways to entertain yourself and relieve stress. Keep a food diary and note the quantity eaten and the reason to eat this amount. Learn to distinguish between emotional and physical hunger and try to identify the events and feelings associated with emotional eating.

3) Metabolic Problems-A slow metabolic rate slow is one of the common reasons for being overweight compared with fast metabolic rate. Metabolic rate is varying amounts of calories that are used to carry out body functions such as digestion, respiration and tissue repair. Metabolic factors such as age, gender and genetics have not changed. Women naturally have a slower metabolic rate and age as one of his metabolic rates is slower also trigger the problem of overweight.

4) Slow Metabolism Solution-Look for ways to improve your metabolism like eating breakfast, add more exercise, exercise endurance and avoid diet. A faster rate of metabolism can increase the number of calories you burn every day, even when you're losing asleep. Weight can be further improved by using this strategy.

5) Inactivity Problem-This is a major problem caused by the modernization of this age. Improved technology has resulted in a table-oriented work, leisure time inactivity, thereby reducing the number of calories used and leads to overweight and obesity.

6) Inactivity Solution-In order to overcome the loss of mobility trends in modern society, looking for ways to become more active in your spare time. Exercise regularly to increase your metabolism so that existing stores of body fat disappear. It is most important that you become more active, move your body more than you move now. This can help a lot with weight problems.

7) Diet Problem-body responds to diet by slowing your metabolic rate to keep the fuel and can save calories. Diet without exercise is rarely successful because it was built in survival mechanism. Short-term changes in your eating habits result in short-term changes in your body shape. Strict diet cause a person to lose muscle and muscle glucose stores of body fluids but not fat, then people feel that she has lost weight. But when you go back to eating normally, you have less muscle; slower metabolic rate and body desperate to save calories in case it gets hungry again lead to overweight.

8) Weight Loss Solution-Building a healthy eating plan that includes long-term subtle changes to your diet rather than short term. Include lots of natural foods such as vegetables, legumes and whole grain foods and drink plenty of water.

9) Attitude Problem-you attitude to modify your lifestyle and your readiness to change will have a huge impact on your results. For example, if you are ready to have a positive attitude towards permanently change your eating habits and eat healthy food? Are health and weight loss your priority and you are sure that you can change your lifestyle at this point in your life?

10) Changes in Attitude solution for your lifestyle will come from time to time with a lot of practice. A positive attitude and determination to succeed will surely make you a winner in every aspect of life.


Practice a healthy lifestyle and be a witness in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Just focus on the positive things in life and his main joy is yours to experience.

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Delicious Weight Loss Foods and Nice to Consumption

Delicious Weight Loss Foods and Nice to Consumption

Uh, you're on a diet AGAIN, and there's nothing yummy about the weight loss food you're doomed to eat for dinner. It's almost like dinner time has become some form of cruel torture, as others around you eat delicious foods, and all you've got is some pre-made meal from a box - how appetizing.

Does the scenario above sound like anything you've ever encountered? If you answered yes, it's time to get out of the dieting rock you've been hiding under and experience losing weight the yummy way.

Weight Loss Food is Yummy

Wow. Did I read that correctly? Did the author just say that weight loss food is yummy? Jeez, this guy must never have had to lose weight, because if he did, he'd never say THAT.

Nice try, but you're wrong. The food industry has systematically ingrained the idea that weight loss food does not taste good into our collective minds. Over time, the promotion of unhealthy junk food has altered our societal expectations about what constitutes good tasting food. Instead of a freshly peeled carrot being chosen as a delicious snack, we opt for a Twinkie. The funny thing is, our ancestors probably wouldn't have enjoyed them at all. Why? Their expectations of what constitutes good food were vastly different.
Delicious Weight Loss
Getting Back to Tasty

What most people who are trying to lose weight do not seem to comprehend is that weight loss food is a nearly limitless category. Instead of thinking about foods that fall under the labels "diet" and "weight loss" as limited and bland, open your mind to the possibilities that wholesome foods create.

It is entirely possible to create a delicious chicken alfredo, or a tasty beef bourguignon, out of ingredients that you might otherwise think of as less than appetizing. The trick is to combine the right kinds of quality ingredients with a passion for making the most out of the benefits that each weight loss food has to offer.

Making Smart Choices

At the grocery store, it is best to follow a simple rule - stick to the outer walls. This is where you will find the freshest weight loss foods that will give your body the best chances of losing weight. Typically, grocery stores keep their produce, meat, and bakery items on the periphery of the store. Knowing which foods in these departments are smart choices can work wonders in helping to reshape your expectations of what constitutes good taste.

As a general rule, choose baked goods that contain whole grains, and avoid those made with white flour. Limit your daily consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods to one quarter of your daily calories. In the deli, choose lean cuts of meat, and limit your intake to roughly half of your daily calories. Lastly, in the produce department, limit fruits and vegetables to a quarter of your daily intake.

Weight loss food IS yummy, if you know what to look for and have a passion for great taste.

Amanda Paul is the writer and content manager for BistroMD, one of the nation's industry leaders in home delivery of delicious meals designed for a lighter, healthier you.

In addition to content management, Amanda is also editor of the company's weekly newsletters and is the head of SEO marketing.

Amanda earned her B.A. in Communication from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2009, as well as a Minor in Journalism.

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Delicious Weight Loss Foods and Nice to Consumption

A Great Foods for Weight Loss Program

A Great Foods for Weight Loss Program

It has been suggested that there are certain diet foods that can help to burn fat and speed up metabolism. Most people already know that in order to lose weight and stay thin, a healthy, nutritious diet full of quality foods is recommended. Coincidentally, it is those same foods that help your body to stay thin that also help to burn off fat and actually help you to lose weight to occur by increasing your metabolism. The one thing that is for sure is that you must eat because without food, the body cannot burn fat the way it is supposed to.
Great Foods
Given below is a helpful list of weight loss foods:

1. Water - Although it is not considered to be one of the weight loss foods, it is a weight loss beverage. Water is useful when weight loss is the ultimate desire because it helps to flush out unwanted fats. It also confuses the body into thinking that it is full, when it is only full of water.

2. Oats - Oats are great for losing weight because they contain an abundance of one very effective nutrient - fiber. The more fiber you eat, the slower that your body digests it, meaning that you stay fuller for longer amounts of time. The ultimate result of this is that you hunger for less food and lose weight quickly and safely.

3. Eggs - Eggs contain a lot of protein - approximately 5 grams per egg - and are another great way to stay full during the day. People who are interested in eating the best weight loss foods should focus on eating at least one serving per day, preferably in the morning.

4. Red Meat - Who would have ever thought that red meat could be considered a good-for-you food? Research suggests that people who consume more red meat (in reasonable amounts, of course) have a better ability to hold onto lean muscle, which assists in the fat-burning process.

5. Grapefruit - Probably you have heard of the grapefruit diet at least once or twice before. People who have participated in studies have lost weight when eating at least a half of a grapefruit before meals. Those who did not eat the grapefruit did not lose any weight. This is one of the weight loss foods that not only helps to flush out fat, but also has other health benefits as well such as lowering triglycerides and cleansing the body of toxins.

6. Pumpkin - Pumpkin belongs to the category of weight loss foods because it is incredibly low in calories and high in fiber. With that type of combination, there is no way that you can't lose weight.

These are just a few of the weight loss foods available. Remember that if you are trying to lose weight to always eat everything in moderation. Even healthy foods can add up in calories if overdone. If you start eating healthy now, you should start to notice a significant change within only a few weeks. In time, your metabolism should begin to build as your body becomes healthier, promoting ongoing weight loss and preventing weight gain.

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A Great Foods for Weight Loss Program