Thursday, December 11, 2014

Weight Loss Stories : Loss 17 Kg After for Clothes

Weight Loss Stories : Loss 17 Kg After for Clothes I was a student and will get a graduate degree, my name Ratna Lastri (21) I want to look like a normal woman to another. but the reality is not like that, he was not confident during the graduation ceremony took place, therefore he will lose weight with a total of 17 kg in 8 months.

On my blog, Women from Jakarta, Indonesia tells the success story of weight loss and want to tell the reader back to this blog, please read the story of the girl who lose weight from 72 kg to 55 kg.

When I attend nursing school graduation, when the father I want to make clothes Kebaya for me, when I use the clothes I saw myself in the mirror my body fat is not good in view. I Thing this because my body fat and my body right when it reaches 72 kg, can you imagine the body as with my height is only 160 CM.
Weight Loss Stories
When I closed the event by a thick fat clothes Toga, after the graduation ceremony I really want my body back to normal bleak female body in general. Weight Loss is Really Importand, this my Stories

The first day is it very hard to do but i have been my intention would be to do it, I also tried the diet with blood type diet, my weight quickly dropped and also after rising as early.

This condition continues to recur, and I wanted to give up, but once I'm shooting went on the road I saw the words DO NOT STOP WHEN YOU'RE TIRED, STOP WHEN YOU'RE DONE, after I read it I was back with my original intention, I would lose weight.

Weight Loss Stories : Loss 17 Kg After for Clothes

And finally I found a good way, I began to organize my diet is to eat it more vegetables and fruit. besides, as the Indonesian people I could not stay away from rice, I now began to lower portion of rice stage by stage, and also I do gymnastics salsa 2 times a week. I was thing lazy to do it but with a step by step my body was able to accept it, and I think my body fresh and I will do it regularly.

About 8 months later my body feels fit and when I weigh it turns out I have lost weight by 17 kg. Now my weight is almost normal and I am ready to wear Kebaya dress of my dreams.

Good luck, I hope you succeed like me because it has a nice body also affect our mindset. thank you