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4 Recipes to Weight Loss and Get Slimming Smothies

4 Recipes to Weight Loss and Get Slimming Smothies

4 Recipes to Weight Loss and Get Slimming Smothies - Many slimming shakes preparations which can be found on the Internet, but all these have chosen four that are really effective and why it is worth recommending.

To prepare these smoothie recipes you'll need some very easy to get the ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits and water, yogurt, and sometimes a little ice.

It is also very easy to do as only having to wash the ingredients and throw them in the blender to beat them.

You see, you have no excuse to lose weight safely and effectively. I'll give you the recipes, and you just have to get to work, enjoy their flavor and be amazed by the results.
4 Recipes to Weight Loss
4 Shakes for weight loss that you can not leave without trying

If you don’t know the recipes i suggest you to prepare them to use cold water, ice or cold yogurt because you take the liquid to the temperature of your body will consume much more energy than usual.

And now, yes, here are four weight loss smoothies recipes I promised:

The first is very simple and uses a pear with 8 medium strawberries and a glass of yogurt. Ice cubes are added to the blender and blend until smooth. Do not peel fruits and taken immediately.

The following recipes is a vegetable and fruit: cucumber and pineapple. You can use a medium cucumber and a large slice of pineapple. Both must liquefy ice water until homogeneous as possible. This juice should not slip and should be taken immediately.

This is one of my favorite smoothies. Bring orange juice, some strawberries and a medium banana. Mix all the ingredients with a little water, if necessary, and take instantly.

Finally, I'll give you the recipe for a vegetable smoothie. This takes celery, cucumber and tomato way. You have to mix everything with cold water and taken immediately. No passes through the screen and only wash vegetables before preparing thoroughly.
How to make these smoothies?

In closing, I will say a few tips so you know how to make these smoothies way that is much more effective.

I recommend you take it on an empty stomach to start the day. You can also take a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Another good option is to take 10 minutes before main meals. This will help you incorporate good nutrients to the body and when you are hungry will you fast on weight loss

Remember that it is best to get fresh fruits and vegetables to make these smoothies, plus choose bottled water or purified to consume. Also, opt for low-fat yogurt and has no added sugar.

A very important point is that none of these smoothies for weight loss should add them sugar or honey. It would not be as profitable to take better natural.

And if you want to see amazing results in a short time, then you must combine the liquefied food with an effective plan to burn fat and exercise routine to speed up this process. Want to know what my recommendation for a healthy, sexy body? The machine to burn fat, Angela Arispe Program.

Fruit smoothies sometimes not clear enough will, but you need a guide to tell you what foods to eat, how to combine them and what exercises to do to burn fat efficiently. Even the most stubborn areas of your body! Dr. Charles is a certified nutritionist, who developed a highly effective plan to have a flat stomach in just 7 days. And the best part is that you can still eat what you like and do not get those pounds.

You know if you really want your fruit smoothies for weight loss results you get fast. No expect to be surprised that was full of fat!

4 Recipes to Weight Loss and Get Slimming Smothies