Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Best EasyWays Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Best EasyWays Diet to Lose Weight Fast

Best EasyWays Diet to Lose Weight Fast  Many people attempt to shed lots of kgs too quickly without learning about the healthypractices and their pros and cons. The strong determination and willpower are the two foremost requirements for the person who wants to lose his weight. He should be confident and clear with his objectives. There is various fast weight reducing diets such as Duken, Atkin, Cambridge, South Beach, Slimming World, Slim Fast, Lighter Life, Weight Watcher, Rosemary Conley and Jenny Craig Diet and many more. However, gradual reduction is healthier and last for longer.

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Some easy practices and dietary changes can make you slimmer and beautiful than ever before. Water has miraculous effect in weight reduction by consuming extra calories and detoxifying body. It is advised by the dietitians that 20 ounces of water should be taken once you awaken in the morning and total 3 to 4 liters per day. The good water intake burnt out thousands of extra calories on daily basis. One should consume healthy fats which are essential for body development, normal cell duplication, endocrine secretion (stopping blood clots), regulates blood circulation, formation of prostaglandin and decrease risk of cardiovascular diseases.

There is myth that fasting helps in reducing the extra weight, but it makes you more bulky and flabby. Fasting disturbs the metabolic rate and causes weight gain. So, don’t ever skip your meals including breakfast, lunch, tea snacks and dinner. There is ancient proverb that, “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper or beggar”. Most of the people don’t bother to take proper breakfast at home, but they prefer to have snacks on their way or while sitting on their working desks like bacon or ham sandwiches, potato chips, sweetened soft drinks, sweets or chocolate bars. Breakfast skipping causes poor performance, risks of accidents and lack of efficiency and concentration.

You can have egg, bacon griddled, Mushrooms / Tomatoes poached, bread slice pray fried etc. Consume plenty of fiber foods like oats, semolina, bottle-guard etc. It regulates the bowels movement and cut down the calories from the diet. Quality proteins are the best way for weight reduction and morning energy sources. It provides energy to brain and body. The higher satiety value of protein doesn’t make you feel hungry. The starched based breakfast keeps you happy and calm. It controls the insulin level that has strong co-relation with sugar cravings and energy loss.

Proteins build muscles tissues that play an important role in weight reduction. Lunch meal should include lots of salad, buttermilk, vegetables, pulses, rice and chapatti. The healthy tea snacks make you feel full like brown bread veg. sandwich, poha, uppma, uttpam, fruit chat, fruit juice, two or three sugar-free biscuits etc. Dine like a beggar with very small portion of foods, before 3 hours of getting into bed. After eight it’s too late, avoid late night dinner. The late night over-indulge habit may make you flabby and fat that usually be a part of late night parties, clubs, conferences, get-together, studies etc.

Some people use to eat while watching television. It takes nearly 20 minutes for stomach nerves to send impulses to the brain that now it’s enough. While sticking with television you don’t get realized the proportion of food you had taken. It is important to consider the amount of food along with the standard and quality of food. Chew slowly, last food for nearly 20 seconds in mouth and stop taking the meal half way for nearly 20 seconds. The sweetened soft drinks and sport drinks have higher caloric counts that turned into unhealthy fat into the body and increase risk of cardiovascular diseases. You can replace them with healthy drinks like lemonades, fruit juices, green tea, buttermilk etc. Regularly go for a walk for 30-45 minutes and strictly follow your exercise regimen.

 Best EasyWays Diet to Lose Weight Fast