Thursday, November 20, 2014

Women’s Weight Without Dieting is Down 75 Kg

If many women vying for the sake of an appetite suppressant, an ideal body, not for Teena Henson. Women from the United States managed to lose half her body weight without weight lossing furiously. Which he did, not a short path of weight loss such as taking slimming drugs or liposuction, but with diligent exercise and changing weight loss.

Initially, Teena weighing 162 kg is often asked to decrease the severity of the mother and the people closest to for health reasons. Various ways she does to make them happy. From only eat oranges until just carbs ever tried. But any weight loss that lived it never last long.

Women’s Weight Without Dieting is Down 75 Kg
Teena is Down 75 Kg

"For me the weight loss is another word for failure," he said Teena on CNN's website.

Teena was wishing if only Anytime Fitness (fitness facilities 24 hours) in the city. Maybe he can exercise at any time, rather than have to weight loss to lose weight. And when a local newspaper proclaiming anytime will be built there, the woman's 54-year-old felt like a sign. So spirits, he even has to register themselves from the far-away days when anytime still under construction.

"I have no desire to exercise. I continued determination to work out. I have to exercise principled, and I choose to exercise," was the mantra of the citizens of Texas when Anytime Fitness finally opened and after work each day he is exercising at least 30 minutes to an hour.

Sport this tight course coupled with a better weight loss. Interestingly, Teena still often eat at fast food restaurants. But the menu of fried chicken is substituted into the roast. Fries were changed to a salad. Previously, he also had to abstain from drinking soft drinks so successful in reducing its weight by 8 pounds in the first month.

After six months of running a healthier lifestyle, Teena's weight down to 30kg. In the process of this reduction in body weight, Teena's mother was the most meritorious. The mother always provides encouragement and motivation to keep promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Her weight continued to fall to 45 kg. Teena body condition also becomes healthier. However, the state of Teena inversely proportional to the mother's health condition. Mother Teena which long had been unwell, experiencing seizures and a mild stroke. In August 2012, Teena must be willing to let go of his mother.

"Two months before he died after I got home exercise, he said that I was beautiful. We began to cry. I do not know why, but it was a very precious moment," recalls Teena.

Women’s Weight Without Dieting is Down 75 Kg

He added, "I know he's proud of me. I know he felt I would be fine now because I'm losing weight."

Since her mother died, Teena increasingly keeping began eating a weight loss with quinoa (a type of rice), whole grain breads, and fresh vegetables. Within three years, he managed to lose a total of 75 kg of body weight, aka half. Doctors also often even use a picture as an example of people who are serious to lose weight by way of a healthy lifestyle.