Thursday, October 30, 2014

Extreme Weight Loss Diets

Extreme Weight Loss Diets 

Millions of people struggle every day with the battle to lose weight. From fad diets to pilates classes, people are willing to do whatever it takes to blast away excess pounds. According to most health professionals, though, true weight loss takes time and progresses slowly. However, those in a bind have found some Extreme Weight Loss Diet to be effective at shedding pounds quickly. Results from those using these rapid weight loss techniques range widely, but an average of ten pounds per week seems to be the goal.

One of the fastest ways people drop weight is by relieving themselves of excess water. Since fluid is mostly retained by carbohydrates, one Extreme Weight Loss Diet technique is to remove virtually all carbohydrate foods from one's diet. Another popular extreme diet is the "Master Cleanse." This liquid-only diet requires participants to drink only a lemonade mix at a rate of six to twelve glasses per day. The exact recipe to follow includes a mix of fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. For at least ten days, this beverage is all that you consume.
Extreme Weight Loss
The result is a rapid drop in weight. Promoters of the Cleanse also believe it removes toxins from the body, improves kidney function, relieves symptoms of high blood pressure, and improves your digestive tract. If lemonade isn't your thing, another fast and simple weight loss diet is the cabbage soup diet. For seven days, a variety of this Russian meal is all that you eat. The result - a loss of water weight and a slimmer waist line.

Ultimately, those who are ready and willing to lose weight have tons of options available to them. While lose and steady is widely promoted, Extreme Weight Loss Diet is possible. It simply takes a lot of willpower and a tolerance for some less than desirable foods. Keep in mind, though, that there can be side effects with any extreme diet. Most commonly, people report feeling fatigued or unhappy. However, these symptoms are temporary and go away at the end of the diet. Finally, remember that rapid weight loss cannot be sustained. Ten days is the longest you should attempt any of these diets.

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Extreme Weight Loss Diets 

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