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Coconut Oil Benefits For Weight Loss

Coconut Oil Benefits For Weight Loss 

That is right folks, not only is coconut oil good for our health, but it can also help reduce obesity in the world but I'm pretty sure someone here will recognize this oil as saturated fat, and unhealthy to eat on a regular basis.

Neither do I disagree that it is, and that saturated fats adds to our cholesterol levels. However, pure unadulterated coconut oil, which has not gone through any hydrogenation process, is in fact very healthy!
Coconut Oil Benefits
The matter of fact here is that there are good and bad saturated fats. Coconut oil is not one of these, as it's made up of medium chain fatty acids, which are metabolized as soon as it's eaten, which means that the fat is never converted into cholesterol or body fat.

The thing here is that our body does not have to emulsify coconut oil with bile salts. Because it is absorbed directly from the small intestine to the liver, and shortly after converted into usable energy.

While keeping this in mind, the oil actually stimulates your metabolism and as a result, it will help you lower your cholesterol levels and get rid of weight, rather than gaining.

That's right folks, coconut oil helps you lose weight. I know this to be true as the only fat I'm adding to my diet right now, is coconut oil! I've lost over 10Kg in less than a month, and the only thing I did was to do some simple changes in my diet.

Hey man, don't forget about those naughty blood clots!

I haven't forgotten, but you need to understand that only goes for fats such as butter, lard, vegetable oils and even a few types of olive oils. Yes, olive oils are known to promote sticky platelets, which of course, can increase the chance of building up clots.

However, this is not the kind of fat coconut oil is. As I explained earlier, this oil's medium chain fatty acids have a similar effect that to fish oil's omega 3 fatty acids. As we all know, fatty acids from fish have the opposite effect of the other, icky saturated fats.

You know what that means, if you don't then you're up for a shocker!

It breaks these nasty clots up...

If you still don't believe me, then please go and study the island cultures where coconuts are grown and obviously used in their diets. These people you call "Uncivilized" never seem to come down with the kinds of ailments opposed to us "Civilized" people.

The funny part of all of this, we run off to the local drug store to get "Modern medicine" for simple ailments such as the common cold... Coconut oil's immune enhancing properties can easily fight this off as the fatty acids are anti vital, anti microbial, anti fungal and anti tumor.

That's like hammering the common cold with a big sledge hammer! The nature provides, and coconut oil is one of the many things we need to add in our diets. I hope you found this article educational, if you have been looking for a way to loose weight then I strongly suggest you replace your usual fats with coconut oil.

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Coconut Oil Benefits For Weight Loss 

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